3 Ghost Lights In Texas That You Have To See To Believe

We still have a couple more days left until Halloween, and we have something perfect for you if you’re looking to squeeze in a last-minute activity. Surely you’ve heard of phenomena known as “ghost lights,” or unexplained orbs floating in the sky. Although most likely caused by swamp gas or other atmospheric occurrences, these events usually have a paranormal legend associated with them that will make the hair all over your body stand at attention. The following are three of these terrifying lights right here in Texas:

1. Bragg Light (Saratoga)

Known as “Ghost Road,” this remote path carved through the Big Thicket used to be part of the Gulf, Colorado, and Santa Fe Railway. The trains transported people, cattle, oil, and logs until the area’s oil reserves and virgin pine trees were exhausted. Legend has it that one fateful day, there was a terrible railroad accident that decapitated the conductor, condemning him to an eternity of haunting the road to search for his head… guided only by the light of his lantern. If you’re brave enough to come check it out, Bragg Road is 16 miles west of Kountze and 1.7 miles north of the intersection of FM 787 and 770 near Saratoga.

2. Marfa Lights (Marfa)

The most iconic “ghost light” in Texas, the Marfa Lights are a phenomenon that draws visitors from all over the state. People have been observing them for over a century, with written accounts dating back to 1883 when a cowhand observed them and assumed they were campfires lit by Apache Indians. The urban legends attribute the spooky orbs to UFOs, but the most plausible explanation is an atmospheric condition that bends light at faraway distances when warm and cold air interact. Even though science might be the only culprit here, the lights are still a fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. There’s even an observation tower located on Highway 90 for better viewing!

3. Anson Ghost Lights (Anson)

Located 20 miles north of Abilene, Anson is a little town harboring a sinister secret. The lights appear at the cemetery right off the main road and can be described as a dim white glow that slowly approaches your car. The story goes a little something like this: a woman and her two sons lived on the cemetery road way back in the 1800s. One cold, winter night, the boys were sent off into the forest to collect firewood and were instructed to flash their lanterns three times should they encounter any trouble. They did just that, but by the time their mother reached them, all three had been murdered. Today, the woman wanders the cemetery every night searching for her boys — and car lights sure do look similar to lanterns.

Have you ever witnessed any of these ghost lights? What do you think is the explanation for them?

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