You Could Get Paid To Raise Chickens In This One City In Texas

That’s right — not only will you be blessed with an endless supply of fresh eggs to eat, but the city of Austin will also PAY you for it! Here are the four steps you’ll have to take if you want to be an urban chicken farmer:

  1. Take a free chicken-keeping class. The schedule can be found here.
  2. Buy a chicken coop.
  3. Submit an online rebate application with a copy of your receipt attached.
  4. Receive your $75 check in the mail!


This program is an effort on the part of Austin Resource Recovery, an organization dedicated to helping Austin reach its goal of zero waste. It also provides residential curbside collection of trash, recycling, and yard trimmings as well as performs services such as street sweeping, dead animal collection, operating a hazardous waste drop-off center, and collecting bulk items and large brush. It hopes to accomplish Zero Waste by 2040, meaning the amount of trash sent to landfills needs to decrease by 90 percent. To get there, we need to first reduce our trash output and reuse any and all products we can before finally recycling and composting everything else. This is why they’re urging people to start raising chickens — it’s a great first step to take because it helps keep waste out of landfills since the chickens eat scraps and provide fresh eggs.

This photo was taken at Austin’s Vital Farms, a pasture-raised chicken farm committed to ensuring the welfare of both the animals and people consuming the eggs.

Here are a few tips to remember when it comes to raising chickens:

So, what do you think? Would you like to be Texas’ next chicken farmer?