This Epic Mountain In Texas Will Drop Your Jaw

Some people honestly think Texas is all tumbleweeds and dust. Those people are ever so incorrect. Our state is full of lush greenery, fast-flowing streams, swimming holes full of crystal clear water – and some of the most majestic mountains you’ll ever lay eyes on. You may recognize them as being part of the Big Bend National Park – in fact, the entire confines of the range can be found there – but their actual name is the Chisos Mountains, far out in the Old West. These mountains just might be the most beautiful work of nature in Texas, and that’s saying a lot because our state is simply bursting at the seams with breathtaking views. Take a look at this gallery and decide for yourself.

I’ll be honest, I actually teared up a little while putting this post together because I was so overcome with appreciation for the sheer amount of beauty our state has to offer. Have you ever seen the Chisos Mountains firsthand? I’d love to hear your stories and experiences!