Think Texas and fairy tales have nothing in common? Think again! There are tons of enchanting hidden gems in Texas – you just have to know where to look. And lucky for you, we do! Read on for 10 of the best fairy tale places in Texas.

So, did you know about these hidden gems in Texas? Ever visited any of them? Did we miss your favorite secret spot? Tell us!

These are some of the best hidden gems in Texas, but they’re not the only ones. Click here to read about others that belong on your bucket list.

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Hidden Gems In Texas

Are there any hidden caves in Texas?

There are lots of well-known caves in Texas. There are also several hidden caves in Texas. Airmen’s Cave is definitely the latter. Located in the Barton Creek Greenbelt, it’s easily one of Austin’s best kept secrets. Those who are aware of the cave, though, know that it features tight passages and long crawls. Back in 2007, three students got lost in the cave. The city had to send out a search team to rescue the trapped trio. Luckily, the rescue effort was successful. After 30 hours underground, the students, along with their rescuers, emerged from the cave. Not surprisingly, the cave was eventually closed off with a security gate due to safety risks.

What are some fairy tale places in Texas?

Fairy tale places in Texas are much more common than you think. In fact, the Lone Star State is actually home to several castles, including Newman’s Castle, which is right outside the town of Belville. A longtime in the making, work on the castle began in 1998 and wasn’t completed until 2008. Definitely worth the wait, it’s got all the makings of a quintessential castle, including a moat with a real-working drawbridge. Not surprisingly, it’s a popular event venue. However, you don’t have to throw an extravagant bash to explore the castle. It’s also open for tours several days a week.

Are there any secret swimming holes in Texas?

There seems to be no shortage of secret swimming holes in Texas. A great swim spot worth checking out is in the Boykin Springs Recreation Area, which is hidden in the Angelina National Forest in Dangerfield. The springs feed a lovely 9-acre lake. Surrounded by forests of loblolly, longleaf, and shortleaf pine, the secluded lake is stunning, but the real treat is the three (yes, three!) secret swimming holes, which are nestled around the corner from the picnic pavilion. When you’re splashing around, look for the channel to the right, which leads to two, chest-deep pockets of spring water.