The Mystical Place In Texas Where Dinosaurs Once Roamed

Most of us Texans are aware of Dinosaur Valley State Park, but very few know that there’s another place to see footprints of the ancient beasts we’ve only read about in history books. On an unmarked trail near where Highway 183 crosses the San Gabriel River in Leander, you’ll find a handful of dinosaur tracks that only a handful of people have laid eyes on – most from accidentally stumbling upon them. Not only will you get to marvel at how enormous the feet of these monoliths were, but you’ll also feel as if you’re making a new discovery in uncharted territory. See the prints for yourself:

This video gives you a better idea of where to start your hike:

Have you ever seen these tracks in Leander? Are there any other places in Texas with dinosaur footprints? Let us know!

Address: 601 S. Gabriel Dr, Leander, Texas 78641