The International Dark Sky Park In Texas That’s Absolutely Gleaming With Stars

When we think about West Texas, the first thing that comes to mind is the Milky Way. If you’ve been to Big Bend at night, you have a breathtaking image in your mind right now – billions of stars shining down on you; a brilliant band of nebular clouds and dust splitting them in half. It’s absolutely crucial that we preserve the ability to see the unadulterated night sky in remote places like these, which is exactly what the International Dark Sky Association does. Luckily for us, Big Bend Ranch State Park is the newest addition to its list of protected parks. Here’s what that means:

Here is more information about the Dark Skies Program.

Have you ever been to Big Bend Ranch State Park at night? Is it as beautiful as pictures make it look? Where else in Texas can you see lots of stars at night?

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