This Roadside Attraction Near Dallas – Fort Worth Is The Most Unique Thing You’ve Ever Seen

It’s no understatement to call this a hidden roadside attraction. You are unlikely to find any brochures about the attraction at tourist information booths across Dallas – Fort Worth, nor will you find billboards pointing you to the way there. But if you are headed to Dinosaur Valley State Park or Dinosaur World and are looking carefully, you can find the Creation Evidence Museum just after you cross the Paluxy River Bridge. No matter what your beliefs are, a visit here is certain to be a unique experience.

The museum is open Thursdays – Saturdays from 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. with video showings at the top of each hour. Admission is $6 per person; ages 5 and under are free. Whether your beliefs include evolution, creationism, or anything in between, people from all walks of life will find this museum unique, which makes it worthy of a visit.

What other unusual roadside attractions would you recommend around the Dallas – Fort Worth area? We’d love to hear your suggestions.