On This Day In 2015, The Unthinkable Happened Near Dallas – Fort Worth

The day after Christmas is usually one with rest and relaxation following the whirlwind of the holidays. Tragically, this wasn’t true for Garland and Rowlett residents on this day in 2015. An F4 tornado with winds of 166-200 mph hit the cities in east Dallas County. It was the strongest of 12 twisters in a monster storm that killed 13 people in Texas. The direct hit in Rowlett has been called the most violent and deadly December tornado in North Texas history.

YouTube user Movies from Photos captured the devastation that occurred in the early evening:

Another YouTuber, BasehuntersChasing, captured actual footage of the monster tornado:

As is typical Texan style, help poured in from across the state, and both cities have rebuilt (some work is still in process) to make the areas stronger and more unified than before.

Do you remember these tragic tornadoes or others that have struck the Metroplex? Share your stories in the comments.