Personally, I have a huge sweet tooth. As a kid, I was the master of “spoiling my dinner,” and I would still choose a chocolate bar over chicken fried steak any day. Lucky for me and all my fellow dessert lovers, Texas is chock-full of candy shops that not only sell the most delicious candy you’ll ever taste, but have an air of nostalgia about them complete with soda fountains and all of your old favorite treats that’ll take you back to your childhood. A lot of these places are famous not only for candy but homemade desserts like rich, delectable cakes and hand-churned ice cream, so every set of taste buds can appreciate what they have to offer. Here are 9 amazing candy shops in Texas that you simply have to pay a visit to.

Ah, good old Texas. Never ceasing to impress us – from our eyes when we see how beautiful our state is to our taste buds when we try all the delicious food we have here.

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