Texans love a good road trip, and it’s never too early to start planning one. But here’s the kicker – you don’t have to lift a finger. We’ve done all the dirty work for you! From hiking to tubing to cliff jumping, we’ve highlighted all of the best, must-do attractions of the Texas hill country. We won’t say it’s the most beautiful area of the state because all of Texas is breathtaking in different respective ways, but we think we can all agree that it’s at least the area most dense with nature activities. The entire drive is 189 miles – that’s 4 hours, 9 minutes, plus the time spent enjoying the beautiful nature the Lone Star State has to offer. Here is the best Texas hill country road trip you’ll ever take, all created by us just for you. We’ve got the google map right here with the exact directions and destinations.

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Did you know all these amazing places could be linked together so easily? It’s like they were naturally made to be woven into a single-day road trip. Stay tuned, Texas – we realize our state is humongous, so this is part of a series of road trip posts, each highlighting a different area of the state. Get excited! If the hill country is a bit out of reach for you to make a trip to, we’ll be featuring places near you soon!

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Texas Hill Country road trip

What are the most well-known state parks in Texas?

There are over 80 state parks in Texas, an overwhelming number if you’re looking to explore the natural side of Texas. One of the most popular state parks in Texas is Big Bend Ranch State Park in Presidio, Texas. Located on the Rio Grande, this state park features over 300,000 acres to explore. There are over 200 miles of multi-use trails for hikers, bikers, and equestrians as well as some of the best views of the night sky in the entire state.

Where can I hike to a cave in Texas?

Central Texas actually has several natural caves that are great for an outdoor adventure. The Natural Bridge Caverns are one of the most popular caves in Texas, and visitors can choose from a few different cave tour options. The deepest part of the cave is in the ball park of about 230 feet, and while you won’t be able to travel all the way to the bottom, you can get to about 180 feet below the surface. If you prefer to get away from the crowds, you can always take the Aztec Cave Trail in the Franklin Mountains State Park. This short and sweet hike is about 1 mile out-and-back, and you’ll see three caves along the way.

What are the best wildflower hikes in Texas?

Texas is full of beautiful sights to see, and sometimes the most beautiful scenery is just at our feet. The Hill Country Trail region is home to countless fields of black-eyed Susans, prairie-fires, and the iconic bluebonnet. You’ll want to start your wildflower hunt at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin. This wildflower wonderland features more than two miles of trails over seventy acres that will take you on a colorful journey through their beautiful Hill Country landscape, including an arboretum. There are also several gardens that you’ll want to sneak away to and get lost in a see of native plants from across Texas.