This Abandoned Hotel Is One Of The Most Haunted Places In Texas

In Mineral Wells, located about 50 miles west of Fort Worth, a single building towers over the little town. The 14-story Baker Hotel was once the crowning glory of the tiny town, host to the rich and famous and anyone hoping to benefit from the local healing waters.

Though the hotel opened just weeks after the stock market crash of 1929, it actually saw plenty of business through the ’30s and really thrived in the ’40s, when a military base opened near the hotel. Helen Keller, Clark Gable, Judy Garland, and even the infamous Bonnie and Clyde are said to have stayed at the Baker in its heyday. Back then, this 450-room hotel was the height of luxury. There was a fancy spa, magnificent ballrooms, a bowling alley, gymnasium, and the first hotel swimming pool in the state of Texas.

With advances in modern medicine, interest in the health spa waned. The hotel struggled through the ’60s, closing for a couple of years in the middle of the decade before closing for good in 1972. There are always groups interested in fixing up the hotel, but this hinges on finding interested investors. Until then, the hotel is going on 45 years empty.

As for the paranormal, there are supposedly dozens of spirits who chose to stick around the Baker Hotel. Some of them may have passed away while waiting to be cured by the healing waters. Some people even claim that the ghosts of Bonnie and Clyde still occupy one of the rooms, having a great time spending their stolen money.

The most famous spirit, though, is a lady in white who is associated with the seventh story. People believe she was Baker’s mistress, who lived in the hotel and ended her life by jumping from the building. Some of these claims were made when the hotel was still in operation, and some of them were made during the tours that used to be given in the years following the historic building’s closure. These days, the only tours available are not allowed to enter the building.

As the photos below show, this is really a shame. The place is incredible, even in its decaying state:

What do you think of the Baker Hotel? Would you spend some time inside if it was still allowed? Hopefully, the town of Mineral Wells will get the funding they need and you will someday be able to spend the night in the Baker Hotel again.