21 Surefire Ways To Know If Someone Is From Texas

No matter where Texans travel to, there’s a few telltale signs that the Lone Star State is indeed their home, sweet home. If they have a majority of these characteristics, you can bet your bottom dollar that they’re a Texan through and through:

1) They say “Yes, ma’am” and “Yes, sir” to everyone they talk to, even their own parents.

2) They can tell you about 20 amazing BBQ restaurants off the top of their head, and have likely eaten at one in the past week.


3) They wear a heavy jacket when the temperature drops anywhere below 70.

4) And 100 degrees is just a normal summer day to them.


5) They eat Tex-Mex AT LEAST a few times a week, and never start the meal without a generous bowl of queso and chips.


6) They know someone who has a belt buckle the size of a small dinner plate..or own one themselves (and wear it proudly).

7) They have three different kinds of shoes: work boots, cowboy boots, and hiking boots.

8) They will always have a beer with that.


9) Or a Dr Pepper. And they know that Dr doesn’t have a period behind it.

10) They own at least one piece of clothing with the Texas flag on it.



11) A fun day to them is driving out to the lake, drinking beers, and fishing. And then grilling up what they caught.

12) They will give you a puzzled look if you don’t actually plan entire Sundays around football too.

13) They have a few bumper stickers on their vehicle proudly displaying their love of the state.


14) They will never hesitate to tell you why Texas is better than your state (they’re not trying to be rude, really. They just can’t help but brag when you live in a place this awesome).

15) They say “fixin” in two different contexts: Fixin’ to do something and the fixins on their burger or hot dog.

16) They will wave to you and smile, even if they don’t know you.

17) Their vehicle is one of their most prized possessions, and it’s probably a truck. And it’s probably caked with mud. And it’s probably either a Ford F-150 or Chevy Silverado. And yes, the year matters.


18) Also, guns. They will give you their two cents on the Second Amendment, so be prepared for an earful. And a full viewing of their gun collection.

19) They know that we have our own seasons down here: ridiculously hot, sorta hot, hunting, and football.

20) They’re either Conservative, or they’re Keepin’ Austin Weird.

21) Don’t worry; they’ll tell you. (Or should I say “y’all?”)

Now, I know these are definitely not all the ways you can spot someone from Texas, but that pretty much sums it up. How do YOU identify a born-and-raised Texan?

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