This Weekend Itinerary Is Perfect For Exploring Cleveland In Tennessee

Looking for a perfect little getaway in Tennessee? As you surely know, the state is positively filled with quaint, charming towns, but one of our particular favorites is Cleveland, Tennessee. And yup, we think it can rival a more famous town with the same moniker.

Located 35 miles northeast of Chattanooga, this vibrant city basically has everything. Thrill-seekers will jump at the white water rafting options here; the 1996 Olympics even held its canoe and kayak events on the nearby local river. Those who enjoy the quieter pace of nature will delight in the nearby hikes. And of course, the town itself boasts plenty of historic sites, countless delicious restaurants, unique shopping places, and wineries and breweries to end the day with. Enjoy this itinerary of Cleveland and the surrounding areas including the neighboring Polk County, to have a jam-packed Tennessee adventure.

Cleveland, Tennessee will offer you one of the most delightful weekends you’ve ever had!

Address: Cleveland, TN, USA