On This Day In 1925, The Unthinkable Happened In Tennessee

It was on June 10th, 1925, that the state of Tennessee adopted a new textbook for their biology students. Set to be taught in high schools, this was the book heard ’round the nation when it caught John T. Scopes in the act of denying state approved curriculum. What did the textbook teach, you ask? Well, it denied the theory of evolution, and ignited a trial that made the United States take notice. You may be thinking – hey. Wait. JUNE tenth? Yep. June 10th was when the textbook was adopted, and the trial began a mere month later, on July 10th. The more you know.

Below you can find an overview of the trial, provided by the Historic Films Stock Footage Archive.

What a fascinating, fascinating thing. Leave us your thoughts in the comments below regarding the Scopes Trial – we’re insanely curious.