The Underrated Natural Wonder Every Tennessean Should See At Least Once

Tennessee is thick with beauty, from the swampy Mississippi lowlands to the craggy peaks of the eastern mountains, but there is one strange natural wonder in the Chattanooga area that has folks scratching their heads. Umbrella Rock is located in the Lookout Mountain area of Tennessee, but the strange sight is commonly overlooked in light of the famed Ruby Falls and Lookout Point. Although you can’t take photos on Umbrella Rock any longer, there are plenty of vintage shots that keep people gaping even today.

This story is strange, but it truly is one of the most fascinating. Who knew that a rock could be made famous by Civil War soldiers? Or that people so badly wanted photos of a precarious rock formation in Tennessee? You can see some more of Tennessee’s natural rock formations and incredible views at Pogue Creek Overlook State Natural Area!

Address: Lookout Mountain, TN 37350, USA