30 Tennessee Towns With Names That Are Too Bizarre For Words

When it comes to towns with crazy names, Tennessee takes the cake. We’ve found thirty of the craziest, strangest sounding places that you ever did hear. Take a look!

30) Christmasville: “The Town That Time Passed By,” and one that sticks to Tennessee history right in Carroll County.

29) Nankipoo: Established in the 1800’s, this historic town will spin you right back in the past. 

28) Edith: A name fit for grandma, and this tiny Tennessee town.

27) Sweet Lips: The town gets it’s name from a small creek that Civil War soldiers claimed to be the, “sweetest” they’d ever tasted. 

26) Smartt: This Warren County town is so great it gets two t’s. 

25) Stinking Creek: The name comes from the freezing winter of 1779, when the cold left animals dead and rotting throughout the countryside. 

24) Bucksnort: This place is so tiny that if you blink you’ll miss it. 

23) Difficult: When the original residents applied for a town name, it was rejected because the name chosen was, “too difficult.” So they complied. 

22) Nameless: No one can seem to figure out where this name – or lack thereof? – came from. 

21) Disco: Grooviest name in the state, if you ask us. 

20) Spot: Short and sweet. 

19) Deep Gap: A lovely place, that has since been renamed. Sob. 

18) Defeated: This is obviously ironic, because Tennessee is undefeated in everything. Duh. 

17) Turtletown: Self-explanatory. Completely and totally. 

16) Flippin: No one knows the origins of this colloquial name, but we won’t fight it. 

15) Ballplay: We find it extremely interesting how this southern state has the most creative names with such blurry origins. Creativity doesn’t need a reason though, hey? 

14) Static: Straddling the Tennessee, Kentucky state line, there’s something a bit more interesting to this place than the name. 

13) Goat City: Located in west Tennessee, you’ll find Goat City within fifty miles of Jackson. 

12) Ducktown: With only 427 people living within the city proper, we wonder if the ducks outnumber the residents. Maybe? 

11) Bugscuffle: Best place to live in Bedford County.

10) Love Lady: We bet there’s a great bar in town that takes advantage of their town name – think of all the options! 

9) Finger: Close to Route 11, we wish we knew a neat legend behind the name. 

8) Guys: We can only wish there was a, “Ladies” counterpart.  

7) Bitter End: Located in eastern Carter County, you’re only a bit from Johnson City and Bristonl. 

6) Turtletown: Another Polk County town, we find the name to be exceedingly self-explanatory. 

5) Paris: Fun fact, there is an actual Eiffel Tower in Paris, Tennessee! The structure is a model of the real Eiffel Tower in France and was actually designed to scale.

4) Life: Short and sweet, the crux of the world in a single syllable. 

3) Only: Only wonderful. Only fantastic. Only in Tennessee. 

2) Bugtussle: Interesting fact? There’s a Bugtussle in Tennessee AND Kentucky. Who would’ve thought that name would be so popular…? 

1) Dismal – we can’t help but think the people of this town may have to try a bit harder to be light and happy out and about.


So, there you have it. Some strange names to put in your pocket and pull out on trivia nights. Have you visited any? Have any crazy names of your own? Let us know in the comments below!

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