Someone Flew A Drone High Above Tennessee And Captured The Most Breathtaking Footage

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary is known as the “Alcatraz of the South,” a prison that has made a name for itself with a ream of notorious prisoners – James Earl Ray, the man who assassinated MLK Jr was held here – and scary location amid rough terrain. The Barkley Marathon, known as the most difficult marathon in the US, runs along the edge of the grounds, but other than the runners once a year and a scant couple cars or two, the prison has stayed mainly empty since its closure in 2009.

That’s what makes this drone video so fascinating. It’s a bird’s-eye view into the prison grounds, a place that was feared for years and has been left to the ravages of nature. Facts about the prison are scattered throughout the video, so you just may come out a bit smarter and more prepared for your next trivia night.

Looking for more? Check out the Youtube channel!

This is a pretty neat look into Tennessee history, wouldn’t you think? If you’re still in the mood to explore Tennessee history, check out these stunning photos of our state farming history – it’s a peek back in time.

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