10 Things In Tennessee You MUST Avoid At All Costs

Here in Tennessee, we know that our state is pretty flippin’ awesome. It can’t, however, be perfect. Because nothing is and that would be weird and unseemly. So, for tourists and locals alike, here’s where we (kind of?) go wrong. At least as wrong as we can go.

9) Also, avoid paying for parking. Anywhere. We promise there’s something free just around the corner. (Tried and true in Chattanooga, Nashville, Knoxville + Memphis)

7) This most definitely includes siding with Alabama. Don’t even say it. No. 

2) Or Beale Street during a kitschy festival. That can get rough, too. Lots of white sneakers and cameras in your face.

Alright, Tennessee – sound off. We love our state, but nobody is perfect. What should locals AND tourists alike keep at arms length? Let us know in the comments!