Tennessee Is Home To A Bottomless Lake And You’ll Want To See It For Yourself

There’s really no such thing as a “bottomless” lake, right? of course, it has to stop somewhere. The waterways don’t simply bleed through the layers of the earth, fizzing and popping their way through the mantle layer all the way to the heated core of the planet. Though “bottomless” is quite a substantial term, what if the lake begins below the earth’s surface? The Lost Sea Adventure is located in Sweetwater, Tennessee, and though it may not be bottomless (is anything really?), it begins below and stretches deep. Care to take a visit with us?

Take a look at this incredible place via the video below – it’s almost unbelievable!

Continue to explore the beauty of Tennessee with a visit to its wild, middle-of-nowhere spaces. You’ll forget folks live here at all!