The Ancient Forest In Tennessee That’s Right Out Of A Storybook

Overton Park is located in Memphis, Tennessee, and the public park is known as one of the most beautiful and expansive parks in the state of Tennessee. Locals flock to the natural area to walk, cycle, and attend local events. The famous Memphis Zoo can be found on-site, and the park’s Midtown location is easily accessible for folks from all over town. What most people don’t know, however, is that of the 342 acres that make up Overton Park a whopping 125 acres is actually the Old Forest State Natural Area. Known colloquially as the “Old Forest,” this natural expanse tells a natural story you can’t make up.

You can learn more about the Old Forest and check out its official trail map on the Overton Park website. You can access the area throughout the year, so make sure you plan a trip for the next sunny day.

Address: Old Forest State Natural Area, Memphis, TN 38104, USA