Hidden gems in Tennessee are all around us — including places you might not often expect. Gems that have been seemingly untouched by man for thousands of years, rather than the kinds of places hiding in plain sight. The Raccoon Mountain Pumped Station Reservoir is positioned on top of a mountain and unless you know where to look, you might miss it. You can get to the top and travel along a long winding trail. So pack your mountain bike or lace up your hiking shoes for a hike to this manmade lake in Tennessee. 

This manmade lake hike in Tennessee, is a fantastic place hiding in plain sight on top of a mountain. The views are incredible and the variety in the trail will always keep things interesting. It is certainly a long trip but one that is completely worth taking. 

The foothills of this impressive mountain hold a secret underground. The Raccoon Mountain Caverns is considered the most geologically active cave in the south and you should check it out.   

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