This Quaint Cottage On The Banks Of The River In Tennessee Will Make Your Vacation Splendid

A weekend away delivers a breath of fresh air, a well-deserved respite from the requirements of daily life. There’s just something about a vacation that really resets the body and soul. Here in Tennessee, there are plenty of resorts and hotels you can take advantage of, but this waterfront retreat in Coalmont may just be the perfect getaway. Located right on the riverfront and perfect for a stay no matter the time of year, this modern, beautifully outfitted cabin is a true hidden gem.


If you’re looking for a real treat, check out this stunning video on the cabin’s history below:

You can reserve your own evening at the Coalmont here on Airbnb or on its official website, but make sure you do it early! This popular spot tends to book out and you want to make sure you get the dates you’re looking for.

Address: Coalmont, TN, USA