The Oldest Covered Bridge In Tennessee Has Been Around Since 1875

The state of Tennessee is rife with an intriguing history. It’s been a state since 1796, making it one of the oldest – and most established – in the nation. With all that time comes a whole lot of history, and the Harrisburg Covered Bridge heralds a different, long-lost time. Tucked away in eastern Tennessee, it’s one of the most stunning representations of where the Volunteer State has been, and what has been left behind. If you haven’t visited, it’s a must. Learn all about this historic Tennessee landmark below!

If you’re looking for more information, you can find a bit by way of the Smokies Guide to the Harrisburg Covered Bridge.

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Address: Harrisburg Covered Bridge, Sevierville, TN 37876, USA
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Harrisburg Covered Bridge in Tennessee

November 07, 2021

How many covered bridges in Tennessee are there?  

Although nobody is quite sure how many covered bridges in Tennessee there used to be, there are just four old-school covered bridges in existence nowadays. Each is interesting and historic, and each has a photogenic quality to it that can’t be beaten. The four surviving bridges include Elizabethton Bridge, built in 1882, Harrisburg Bridge, built in 1875, Parks Bridge, which was originally constructed in the early 1900s and then re-constructed in 1997, and Bible Bridge, built in 1923 on what was once private property but now belongs to the state. One could argue, however, that there are more than four; this article covers all four of these historical covered bridges in Tennessee and then a few more that one could argue belong on the list. One thing is for sure: each of them is lovely and quite picturesque. They are well worth a trip to check them out.  

What are some interesting historic places in Tennessee?  

Tennessee is one of those states that are absolutely perfect for history buffs! There are enough historic places in the Volunteer State that one could theoretically make an entire multi-day, if not longer, road trip out of all of them. Some of our favorite, must-visit historic places in Tennessee include Elvis Presley’s Graceland, in Nashville, Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage, also in Nashville, Sun Studio in Memphis, the Lotz House Museum, in Franklin, and several historical villages like Cannonsburgh, Casey Jones, and more. Tennessee is one of those states with so much more to offer than most folks – especially ones who have never visited – ever assume. It’s well worth a visit, especially if you’re a history geek like we are! Trust us when we say there’s more than plenty to do. Other places of historic interest include the National Civil Rights Museum, the Belle Meade Historic Site (and winery!), Carnton, and so much more.  

Address: Harrisburg Covered Bridge, Sevierville, TN 37876, USA