Tennessee’s Cummins Falls Trail Leads To A Magnificent Hidden Oasis

There’s nothing like a day spent in the wilderness of beautiful Tennessee. The state is known for its beauty, both topographically and culturally, but Cummins Falls Trail is perhaps one of the greatest standouts known across the region. Located near Cookeville and Bloomington Springs, this three-mile trail is both a well-known secret and a true local gem. Learn more about it below, and we’d highly recommend bringing Fido along. Dogs are welcome on the trail, and they’ll be excited about the swimming hole waiting at its end!

A visit to Cummins Falls is well worth the time and effort, and we’d highly recommend it for the whole family. Just make sure you pack something to eat, of course. You can learn more about the hike here and the experience here.

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Address: Cummins Falls, Tennessee 38501, USA