There’s A Secret Waterfall Near Nashville Known As The West Meade Waterfall, And It’s Worth Seeking Out

Tennessee is known for its grand beauty, but it’s not just the flora and fauna that really set the state apart. Its craggy topography and crisscrossing rivers and streams provide all sorts of beautiful vistas, and the hidden West Meade Waterfall in Nashville is one of the most overlooked. If you’re looking for a stunning, natural place that the tourists haven’t quite found yet, this is it. It’ll take a bit of a trek, but once you’re there? You won’t regret it.

If you’re hungry after your grand adventure, this decadent Nashville eatery is as indulgent as it is beautiful. Plus, it’s located in a renovated schoolhouse!

Address: 402 Hathaway Ct, Nashville, TN 37205, USA
Address: Nashville, TN, USA