The Mesmerizing Lantern Festival In Nashville You Need To See To Believe

If you’re a fan of unique events that promise festivity, incredible food, a sense of community, and a hint of magic, there’s an event in Nashville that you’ll want to attend. The Lights Fest is makings its way to Nashville on May 12th and promises to delight participants of all ages. This festival is based on a tradition of releasing paper lanterns into the air as a symbol of luck and prosperity. Here’s more on this mesmerizing lantern festival in Nashville you’ll just need to see to believe:

To catch a glimpse of this mesmerizing event, watch the brief video below:

Jolly Beef Farm can be accessed from Nashville off exit 65. Take a left on 68/80, continue for 1.25 miles, and the venue will be on the left. If you can’t make the show in Nashville, fret not; there will also be a festival near Chattanooga on the same date. Click here for more information on that event.