This Hole In The Wall Bakery In Nashville Is Unlike Any Other Place You’ve Ever Tried

Nashville has become synonymous as a foodie city for many, a homing beacon for folks in search of savory biscuits and all sorts of chocolatey summertime treats. Whether you’re seeking a GooGoo Cluster or hot chicken, Music City has a handful of spots that are sure to be perfect for your particular cravings. But what about when you’re looking for a bit of atmosphere…? Something heavy and dense, sweetened just right with a bit of a personal twist. Shugga Hi Bakery & Cafe stood out to us as a diamond in the rough, a truly personal experience in the heart of our great city. Care to join?

If you have a sweet tooth of your own, then you juuuuust might want to try out this amazing foodie summerfest near Nashville – it’s reputable for a reason!