Pie Town Tacos Is A Tiny Taco Spot Hiding In The Middle Of Downtown Nashville

A good taco is really one of the best parts of life, don’t you think? it’s simple, affordable, and loved by pretty much everyone with a sense of taste. There are sweet and savory tacos, high-end tacos, and fast-casual tacos, and here in Nashville, Tennessee you can have your pick. Pie Town Tacos took the city by storm when it opened in the midst of downtown, and locals were quick to fall in love with the minimal menu and high-powered taste delivered with every meal. The eatery comes highly recommended by locals and visitors alike, and we have ALL the details. Hungry for more? Keep reading!

Is your mouth watering yet because we’re REALLY excited for lunchtime. You can learn more about Pie Town Tacos either on its official website or Facebook page. Happy dining, friends!

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Address: Pie Town Tacos, 614 Ewing Ave, Nashville, TN 37203, USA