Make Sure To Order The Pickled Cactus Taco At Mas Tacos, An Authentic Mexican Restaurant In Nashville

Mas Tacos has made a name for itself over and over as a prime slinger of Nashville tacos. It’s locally lauded, nationally acclaimed, and humble as pie. The low-key eatery offers $3 tacos filled to the brim with perfectly cooked meats, veggies and even fried avocados. What most people don’t hear about, however, is their tamale special. The delicious tamale, an authentic Mexican entree, is an underrated gem in Nashville’s favorite taco hot spot. The next time you have a spare handful of change in your wallet, it’s well worth the investment.

You can find out more about Mas Tacos with a visit to their official Facebook page.

Enjoy all that Nashville has to offer with a visit to this upscale eatery that serves up classic diner plates with flair. 

Address: 732 Mcferrin Ave, Nashville, TN 37206, USA