The Art Museum At 21c Museum Hotel In Nashville Is Open 24/7 And Is Completely Free To Visit

Nashville may be known for its country music, but the city has expanded into an art mecca in recent years. From a tiny country town to a bustling contemporary city, Nashville knows how to present a whole lot of culture in a unique way. The 21c Museum Hotel is located in the heart of downtown, and it’s not just a hotel: it’s an art museum. Yes, with sweeping galleries studded with windows and flush with natural light, the 21c Museum Hotel is home to one of the most beautiful spots in the city. It’s still fairly unknown, but we’ve included all the details for a fun visit below.

You can find out more information about the 21c Museum Hotel with a visit to their official website and Facebook page. There’s no better way to indulge in an afternoon of culture in Nashville, folks. It’s a must visit!

Address: 221 2nd Ave N, Nashville, TN 37201, USA