10 Horribly Creepy Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do In Nashville

Isn’t it fun to feel a little chill down your spine? While ghost stories and hauntings may not be everyone’s cup of tea, we know you landed here because you are looking for a few ways to get creeped out in Nashville, and we’ve got your back! We decided to figure out which eerie and creepy and crawly places are worth a visit for lovers of all things creepy. The following 10 spooky things to do in Nashville should keep you busy for quite a while, so make sure to set out on a few creepy adventures in our little corner of Tennessee!

If you’re a little creeped out by all the spooky things to do in Nashville and find yourself looking to do something a little bit lighter, you should check out this exciting and gorgeous train museum!

The OIYS Visitor Center

Spooky Things To Do In Nashville

July 01, 2022

What are the most haunted places in Nashville?

As you learned above, Nashville has a whole lot of spooky history! And while we covered a lot, there are even more haunted places in Nashville that will send a chill up your spine. If you are more of a Casper kind of ghost enthusiast, you can visit the friendly poltergeist at Carter House in Franklin. Or you could possibly witness the ghost of Andrew Jackson at the Hermitage. Even the Tennessee State Capitol is rumored to be haunted!

Are there any urban legends in Nashville?

Alongside our many ghost stories, there is also a fair share of urban legends in Nashville and across Tennessee. We may not be as sure about the roots of these tales, but that doesn’t make them any less hair raising! Of course there is the Bell Witch Cave and the rumors of a malevolent poltergeist, but there is also the tale of Skinned Tom, a bloodied ghost who haunts a cemetery, and the White Screamer, a massive Big Foot like creature that haunts White Bluffs Tennessee.

Are there any haunted restaurants or bars in Nashville?

If you’re looking to sip a couple drinks with some ghosts, then look no further than this potentially haunted bar in Nashville. The Flying Saucer is one of the oldest bars in Nashville and due to that history, it has seen a lot. The bar is located in a former section of Union Station which many soldiers passed through. It is very possible that you may see an apparition, hear a voice, or witness some poltergeist-y activity as you walk through the space! And even if you don’t have a direct encounter with a ghost, the drinks will more than make up for it!