Revisit The Glory Days At This Movie-Themed Ice Cream Parlor In Tennessee

Do you remember the first time you were completely captivated by the silver screen? It might have been the first time you saw flying monkeys leave the wicked witch’s lair, or maybe when you first saw a T-Rex chase a jeep in Jurassic Park. We rally around coming-of-age stories like Goonies or marvel at Marty traveling through time. So whatever that moment may be, we have been captivated by moving pictures ever since. You can relive those moments at this movie-themed ice cream parlor in Maryville, Tennessee.

There are a lot more options at this movie-themed ice cream parlor in Maryville, Tennessee. But just like that summer blockbuster you are excitedly anticipating, you will have to wait till you go there yourself to see the rest. We encourage you to see the lobby yourself, and we won’t spoil any more of it. For any more information please visit the Capitol Theatre’s website. 

About an hour’s drive from the Theatre and you could take this magnificent scenic drive in the Smokies.

Address: Capitol Theatre, 127 W Broadway Ave, Maryville, TN 37801, USA

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