Back In The Day, This Quiet Tennessee Town Was A Mobster Mecca

Walking downtown Johnson City would have looked much different in the 1920s. We are not just referring to the structure and technological advances, the entire culture was different. Today you will find a community of friendly people and thriving businesses. However, there is a quiet history of the city you may have never heard about. Issues surrounding prohibition, moonshiners, and crimes were on the rise. Mobsters frequented this little pass-through city and earned the nickname of Little Chicago.

Hard work and great people have since been occupying Johnson City, changing the seedy reputation and making it beautiful again. Little Chicago may be a nickname that is behind us now, but the history is still there. Have you heard the rumors that Al Capone spent time in the city? 

If you want proof that Johnson City is different today, spend a night enjoying a nice meal with the community at Burg’r and Barrel.     

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Address: Johnson City, TN, USA