You’ll Get A Mountaintop Room With A View When You Book At The Iron Mountain Inn B&B In Tennessee

There’s no better way to decompress in the state of Tennessee than a getaway tucked away in the gorgeous mountains to the east. The famed Iron Mountain Inn B&B is known for its gorgeous, rustic design, its wood accents, and the incredible view that awaits you just outside your front door. You can enjoy the fresh air out on the patio or on a hike throughout the lush area, or maybe you just want to play games inside the cozy living space. No matter what you’re looking to do, this beautiful space just might be the perfect place to enjoy a bit of time away.

You can learn more and perhaps book a stay for yourself with a visit to the Iron Mountain Inn Facebook page or official website.

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Address: 268 Moreland Dr, Butler, TN 37640, USA