Be On The Lookout For A New Invasive Species Of Spider In Tennessee This Year

Tennesseans aren’t surprised by the common house spider or even the spare brown recluse under the porch, but this year a new invasive species of spider in Tennessee may just elicit a few gasps from the most stalwart of folks. A large spider native to Japan has made its way from Asia to the United States, and it is hard at work spreading across the southeastern edge of the nation. You may be surprised now, but this yellow and black arachnid may just become as common as a cellar spider. We were curious, so we did some digging and found all the creepy, crawly details on this newfound Tennessee transplant.

Yikes! What a neat and creepy new addition to Tennessee. It’s not just humans who are moving to the state in droves, and it sounds like we will be welcoming this newfound arachnid for years to come. Do you have your own thoughts about this invasive species of spider in Tennessee? Share with us in the comments section!