Hot Air Balloons Will Be Soaring At Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountain Balloon Festival

There’s something so magical about a hot air balloon, don’t you think? It takes us straight back to the magic of childhood when anything suspended in the air took on an air of magic when science didn’t quite exist in all its rules and requirements and there was a little fantasy that ruled the earth. The Great Smoky Mountain Balloon Festival takes place every summer in Townsend, Tennessee, and it’s a great event for folks of all ages. Bring the kids and get ready for a few hours of community fun as the sun sets and the balloons go airborne.

You can learn more about the Great Smoky Mountain Balloon Festival with a visit to its official website or Facebook page. Make sure you buy tickets ahead of time if you can right here as well.

Enjoy a little more fun here in Tennessee with a stop at this darling little cafe on the Cumberland Gap.

Address: Townsend, TN 37882, USA