The Beautiful Restaurant Tucked Away In Tennessee’s Hillsboro Village That Most People Don’t Know About

Tennessee is known for its sizable focus on regional cuisine, mainly because the southern state holds fried chicken and biscuits in high regard. The abundance of comfort-food restaurants has resulted in a sense of all-around indulgence, but Greenery Co. in Nashville’s Hillsboro Village has managed to introduce a new way to do mealtime. One of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful eateries in the Midstate, this is one fast-casual hot spot you don’t want to skip.

What a beautiful place to eat! The salads are just as stunning as the space and it feels like a bonus. Learn more about Greenery Co., including its current hours and menu, on its official website or Facebook page.

Address: Greenery Co., 1705 21st Ave S, Nashville, TN 37212, USA