Five Different Planets Will Align In The Tennessee Night Sky During An Incredibly Rare Display

The evenings in Tennessee are thick with beauty, especially when the lights are out and the lightning bugs begin their dance across the sky. There’s nothing like star gazing out in the countryside, and locals know their own favorite backroads to traverse for prime night sky viewing. This June, however, an entirely new form of beauty is set to reveal itself. Space enthusiasts and skyward dreamers alike will appreciate what is being called a “planet parade,” in which all five planets viewable to the naked eye will be able to be seen in orbital order up in the early morning sky. It only happens every so often, and you won’t want to miss it. This year, star gazing in Tennessee takes on an impressive new edge.

What an incredible experience! If you love to stargaze or enjoy the mythos that surrounds the earth’s atmosphere, then this is a “parade” that you won’t want to skip. If you’re looking for a place to stargaze, we would recommend this little-known state park.

Address: Tennessee, USA