The Best Times And Places To View Fall Foliage In Tennessee

September tends to be a bit toasty, but the south does seem to flirt with fall before it ever fades completely into autumn. The changing of the seasons has been leaving a few clues. Maybe you feel it in the morning mist or perhaps in the cool breeze of twilight. Sure, summer is leaving on a high note (those temperatures!), but sometimes there needs to be a strong departure from something in order to truly love and appreciate a new season. In Tennessee? The most intense change comes from summer to fall. It fades slowly, then the trees explode with color all at once. We found the neatest interactive foliage map from the Smoky Mountains website; it’s a tool that’s released and updated annually to help folks plan for when to see fall colors in Tennessee. Whether you’re on the east side of the state, in the middle, or in the west, we have the best time for you to view the fall foliage in Tennessee. Go hiking and take a look!

Happy fall, Tennessee! Don’t miss out on Smoky Mountains fall foliage map that shows you when to see peak fall colors and foliage in Tennessee. It’s a pretty neat season we have coming up, and we can’t wait to experience it alongside all of our favorite Tennesseans.

Address: Tennessee, USA

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Fall Foliage In Tennessee

September 15, 2022

What is there to do in Tennessee in the fall?

Tennessee is full of fun experiences throughout the autumnal season. The best thing to do is to get outside and experience the beauty of the local area, to go hiking and canoeing and venturing out into the wild outdoors of the state. Tennessee is the kind of place where you have the opportunity to indulge in fall colors for an extended period of time, and walking the Mississippi or perhaps indulging in a hike on the Cumberland Plateau is perfect for the local adventurer. Check out the fall festivals hosted throughout the season, and don’t miss out on the Oktoberfest experiences found across the state.

Where can I see the best fall foliage in Tennessee?

The peak foliage in Tennessee is perhaps one of the most incredible aspects of the state during the year. The state simply explodes with color, making trips to the Great Smoky Mountains definitely worth the investment. Indulge in a walk around Radnor Lake or drive the Natchez-Trace as you seek the full autumn experience in the Volunteer State.

Why should I visit Tennessee in the fall?

Tennessee is at its most beautiful in the fall. The weather is great and there’s no better time to experience the beauty of the Volunteer State than when it’s doused in colors of red, orange, and burnt yellow. Visit for the fruit picking and fall festivals, for the excitement around Oktoberfest, and for the musical fun that heralds a new season. There’s nothing like the gorgeous face of Tennessee to get you excited for fall!

Address: Tennessee, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.