The Story Behind This Evil Place In Tennessee Will Make Your Blood Turn Cold

Is Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee “evil,” per se? Maybe not. Does it have an absolutely terrifying history and is it rumored to be the home of ghostly ghouls? Yes. That part is very true. We’ve researched the history of the prison and given you a closer look at the eastern Tennessee legend – there are a few things you may not know.

You can explore more of this eerie place in this video:

Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee is an interesting place, with a dark, dark history. Let’s take a break and visit a peaceful Tennessee oasis, shall we? Okay.

Address: 9182 TN-116, Petros, TN 37845, USA
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Brushy Mountain State Penitentiary in Tennessee

March 04, 2021

What are the most haunted places in Tennessee?

Tennessee’s rich history is full of creepy tales making it easy for thrill-seeking ghost hunters to find spooky places to explore. The most famous is the Bell Witch Cave in Robertson County. The legend of this eerie site dates back to 1817 and claims that the spirit of a woman named Kate Batts haunts on the grounds. After being cheated on the purchase of the property, the revengeful Kate cursed the owners and swore on her deathbed to haunt them. Visitors have claimed that they were chased off the property by horrific ghost dogs believed to be possessed by Kate Batts. Many have reported that they hear chains dragging on the ground and mysterious howls surrounding them.

Are there any urban legends in Tennessee?

In Tennessee, scary story lovers will regale you with terrifying legends that will give you nightmares. The legend of Jamestown’s Pine Haven School is sure to make your skin crawl. As the tale is told, a young student was murdered by a bully on school grounds. Unsure of how to hide the body, the bully buried the boy under the floorboards in the bathroom. The legend claims that if you look in the mirror you may see the boy standing behind you. It’s no surprise that there are many spooky tales associated with battlefields and the “Old Green Eyes” legend of Chickamauga Battlefield is chilling. Locals claim that when walking the fields at night the glowing green eyes of a beheaded Confederate soldier will follow you.

Are there any ghost towns in Tennessee?

The mysteries that surround a ghost town are fascinating and Tennessee has many abandoned spots to inspire morbid curiosities. Big Greenbrier was settled in the 1800s and was once a farm and logging community. Now it is a part of the Smoky Mountain National Park and all that remains are some stone formations and crumbling walls. The town of Newsom’s Landing was once home to a mill community on the Harpeth River where neighboring families would come for recreational activities on the water. Some parts of the mill and dam can still be seen. As with so many towns in the 1800s, the active community of Sunshine near Cades Cove was abandoned after trains were rerouted and no longer stopped at its station. Visitors to this isolated spot will find only old chimney stones and eroding building foundations.

Address: 9182 TN-116, Petros, TN 37845, USA