The Oldest Restaurant In Tennessee, Varallo’s Is A Culinary Masterpiece

History is such an exciting topic. It speaks of people’s lives that came before you, and points to a different time altogether. History can be downright fascinating, and in a world that is continually pushing the boundaries forward, sometimes it’s nice to take a step back. We need to honor the hard work of the ones who have established and toiled over their trade. That is why when you are looking for the oldest restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee, we are happy to put the spotlight on Varallo’s.

We love to take the time to stop and honor the hard work and perseverance that made great places like Varallo’s the oldest restaurant in Nashville Tennessee. So we suggest you head on over and find yourself the comfort food that made this southern establishment stay in business all these years. For hours and menu options please check out the Varallo’s website

When you are done with breakfast or lunch you still have the whole day in front of you, so why not spend some time shopping at this unique store? 

Address: Varallo's, 239 4th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219, USA