There’s A Bacon Festival Happening In Tennessee And It’s As Amazing At It Sounds

There seems to be no other meat more unequivocally loved than bacon. It’s the salty, tangy part of a morning breakfast that really gets us going, the heart of a BLT and the beginning of a pretty great dinner if you ask us. In Cleveland, the whole town decided to celebrate the exciting (and delicious) opportunities that bacon quite literally brings to the table, chocolate covered or no.

Take a look at what springtime has to offer here in Tennessee!

The next BaCON Festival will take place in Cleveland, Tennessee on April 13, 2019. Make sure to check back for updates – we’ll see you there!

If you’re not a big bacon fan (WHAT?!), then you may want to try out this pretty quirky Chattanooga restaurant – it’s one of our favorites in Tennessee! Plus, the rooftop deck is pretty gorgeous.