Tucked Away In The Hills Of East Tennessee, Burnout BBQ And Grill Has Some Of The Best Food In The State

A weekend meal enjoyed outside, perhaps with a cold one in hand and a platter of freshly prepared bbq on the table, is the stuff of Southern dreams. Burgers and salads may reign supreme come summertime, but here in Tennessee, it’s homestyle bbq that really shines when the weather gets warm. Burnout BBQ & Grille is located in Erwin, Tennessee, and the weekend eatery is one of the most underappreciated gems in the state. We, of course, think it deserves a moment in the sun. Learn more about this locally owned restaurant below and enjoy it for yourself!

What a place to visit! Have you been? You can find out more about Burnout BBQ & Grille at its official Facebook page. Keep an eye out for live music too, if you’re looking for a fun local event.

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Address: Burnout BBQ and Grille, 857 Rock Creek Rd, Erwin, TN 37650, USA