The Handmade Burgers At Brownsville Burger Basket In Tennessee Are Some Of The Best In The State

There are so many chain restaurants and upscale eateries you can go to when it comes to finding a burger on the town, but there’s just something about a locally owned hot spot that really hits you right. Brownsville Burger Basket can be found, aptly, in Brownsville, Tennessee, and though it may not be one of the best-known eateries in the state it just might be one of the most fabulous hidden gems. Learn more about it below, and plan a trip. You won’t be finding Brownsville Burger Basket all over social media, so this is the kind of place you have to visit to believe.

What a place to visit! Brownsville Burger Basket is currently open from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday and is closed on the weekends.

After you enjoy your meal, we’d recommend experiencing all the beauty of Tennessee with a visit to the state’s natural wonders

Address: Burger Basket Cafe, 1004 N Washington Ave, Brownsville, TN 38012, USA