There’s A Breathtaking Lodge Tucked Away Inside Of This Tennessee State Park

Tennessee is home to some of the most beautiful state parks in the nation. Whether you’re looking to wander the eerie swamplands of the Mississippi River or perhaps hike the craggy bluffs that lace the edge of the Cumberland Plateau, there’s a little something for every adventurer. There are five lodges located in Tennessee state parks as well, each beautifully designed to accent the surrounding natural area. The Lodge at Fall Creek Falls can be found in the most-visited state park in Tennessee, Fall Creek Falls State Park, and the accommodations rival the most beautiful hotel.

You can book an evening for yourself here on the lodge’s official website, and you can learn more about Fall Creek Falls State Park with a visit to Tennessee State Parks online. If you have the chance to stay in the state park itself, we can’t recommend it more! There’s no better way to experience Tennessee’s natural beauty.

Address: Lodge at Fall Creek Falls, 2536 Lakeside Rd, Spencer, TN 38585, USA