15 MORE Tennessee Towns With Names That Are Too Bizarre For Words

Tennessee has some pretty crazy town names, and we scoured the internet to find 15 that are SURE to get you giggling. We bet the people there are crazy-kind and nice; also we’re pretty sure they have a great sense of humor. Can you imagine telling folks from out of town that you’re from Soddy Daisy? We love it. Tennessee, you got character.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

15) Armathwaite: Named by Alwyn Maude in the late 19th century, Armathwaite has a century old tinge to the title.

14) Screamer: You can take this one as you will.

13) St. Bethlehem: We have one question – how many churches are actually in St. Bethlehem…? Do they have a lot on principal? Or do they rise above expectation?

12) Bone Cave: This is eerie.

11) Hanging Limb: This one is eerier.

10) Mousetail Landing: Actually a ghost town now, there’s said to be structures still standing underneath the lake.

9) Striggersville: Sounds kind of close to, “Triggerville,” which makes us feel like the second amendment is held up quite solidly here.

8) Lovejoy: All the happiness here. What a great place to raise optimistic babies!

7) Cash Point: We doubt this is where you go to make your millions, but the town looks pretty sweet.

6)¬†McMinnville: Say this three times fast. It’s like the Mississippi of Tennessee.

5) Walter Hill: Located in Rutherford County, we think you could pretty solidly name your child after this lovely little town.

4) Ozone: From the name, we’re guessing Cumberland County really cares about the environment.

3) Krapp Springs: Well…we don’t have much to say about this one. Except we’re sure that everyone has a solid sense of self-confidence over here.

2) Trenton: This may not be the weirdest name on our list, but they have the largest teapot collection in the world.

1) Lakesite: Yes, you’re right! There IS a lake in Lakesite!

Alrighty, folks. How many of these towns have you actually visited? We wouldn’t mind a trip, if no other reason than the really interesting Facebook album we could create. Leave your thoughts in the comments below!