It’s the season for pumpkin spice, which is oh so nice. Now you might not need actually pumpkins to make this iconic drink (sorry if that ruins the fun for some of you) but pumpkins are the inspiration nonetheless! So yes, it is that time of year again when everyone’s favorite orange gourds grows to full size and are proudly displayed on every front porch. To get the full fall effect, though, you have to go to a good pumpkin patch. You might ask “What are some good pumpkin patches near me?”  And to that question, I say: read on! We have you covered, friends, with the following list of the best pumpkin patches in Tennessee:

There is so much to do during the season of pumpkin spice that you should never be bored. These are some of the best pumpkin patches in Tennessee so it’s time to start planning for a couple of road trips and get to these beautiful farms. If you have to travel from far away please check out a hotel near you for a place to stay while you travel this fall. 

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