At Thousands of Years Old, Some Of The Oldest Trees In The World Are Found In Tennessee

The beauty of an old-growth forest is a beauty all its own, a magical step back in time that’s only available to the few most driven to find it. The Albright Grove in Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park is known as one of the most beautiful enclaves of old-growth trees, and it is accessible only by a few mile hike into the wilderness. If you’re looking to see the world as it once was, preserved for hundreds and thousands of years, home to undisturbed plant life and wildlife in tandem, then you may want to set your compass to Tennessee’s Albright Grove.

This is one of those places that just sticks with you long after you leave. You can learn more about the magic of an old-growth forest here. Happy hiking, Tennessee!

Address: Albright Grove, Tennessee 37722, USA