These 8 Gorgeous Waterfront Trails In Southern California Are Perfect For A Summer Day

We’re blessed to have an abundance of trails here in Southern California that run along the water and offer a refreshing breeze on a hot summer day. If you’re looking for the perfect activity that will get you out in nature and awaken all your senses, you’ll want to explore these 8 waterfront trails in SoCal. These trails can be as short or as long as you want them to be depending on the route you take, so choose your own adventure. Grab your sunscreen and a bottle of water – it’s going to be an epic day!

There are so many more trails to choose from in SoCal, but these are just the ones on the top of my list. Any other waterfront trails you think should have made the cut?

If you’re looking to add a few more spots to your hiking bucket list you can find even more SoCal hikes over here. No matter what trail you decide to take, I hope you enjoy your day out in the fresh air!