This Disturbing Unsolved Murder Mystery In Southern California Will Give You Chills

The story of 21-year old Elisa Lam, whose dead body was found in a hotel water supply tank in Southern California, took the country by storm back in 2013 as the details surrounding her death were quite mysterious. Three years later, the mystery has gone unsolved. Her puzzling death will leave you terrified; it’s a disturbing story about a girl who checked into a Los Angeles hotel but never checked out.

The Video that went Viral

The following video of Elisa Lam inside the hotel elevator prior to her death went viral as her odd behavior raises all sorts of questions. Was she actually being pursued by someone who can’t be seen in the footage? Even more disturbing, was there a paranormal presence in that elevator with her that only she could see?

So what do you think happened to Elisa Lam that night? Do you have any theories as to how she ended up on the hotel rooftop inside the water tank? Was she murdered, did she commit suicide, or was it paranormal activity?